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Boeket Pioenrozen

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Boeket Pioenrozen


Luxury Peony Bouquet with light pink flowers.

This bouquet is made out of 10 big flowers. (length of bouquet 55cm)

The Peony is a very popular flower for wedding centerpieces and bouquets as well as home arrangements. Peony flowers represent romance and prosperity, and are perfect for vintage weddings or decor. A stunning addition to your modern or traditional décor, artificial Peonies will bring color, sparkle and a bit of nature in your home interiors. Ideal as a centerpiece, this faux Peony Bouquet is also perfect when it comes to decorating coffee tables or shelves or just as a centerpiece in the room.  Just bring them home and watch them bring the warmth and style you need in your setting.   This silk peony bouquet will add a chich flourish to your room. This bouquet boasts an incredibly realistic appearance owing to the high quality material. The roses are durable and chich and do not require an maintenance.

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