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Exotic Anthurium Mix (Set of 4)

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Exotic Anthurium Mix (Set of 4) Exotic Anthurium Mix (Set of 4)

Exotic Anthurium Mix (Set of 4)

Anthurium is one of the most beloved indoor plants that’s used throughout the world as an colourful indoorplant. It’s very easy to care for and very strong. It’s nice to look at, easy to care for and adds a personal touch to your home. A white anthurium creates a serene impression, while the brightly coloured types have a vibrant appearance. Even though the colourful part of the plant is often thought to be the flower, it is actually just the flyleaf. The Anthurium flowers are actually very small and are located on the central growth. The Anthurium flowers all yearround. The Anthurium loves light, but not full sun. Keep room temperature between 18-22°C: the plant does not like the cold. Never let the root ball dry out, but never leave it soaked in water either. Spraying it regularly mimics the humidity of the tropical rainforest. When it is done blooming, you can prune it with scissors or a knife. An Anthurium can grow up to 100cm high and 60cm wide. The Anthurium is mildly toxic to pets. Only when eaten in large amounts. All parts of the Anthurium contain insoluble calcium oxalate crystals and these crystals can cause pain and irritation when chewed or swallowed. Each set consists out of 4 different coloured Anthuriums. Delivered in a 9cm pot with a height of 25-40cm
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