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Kerstpakket (3 planten in zink kerstpot)

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Kerstpakket (3 planten in zink kerstpot)


Decorate the house and bring Christmas into your home with this lovely x-mas deal! With this super fun plant package you can transform your home (or entrance) into a cozy Christmas atmosphere!

The Christmas plants package gives you the real Christmas feeling.
The set consists of 3 different Christmas plants including a real Picea Christmas tree, a snowy fir tree (Pinus Pinea) and a Gaultheria mountain-tea shrub with berries.

They come with matching zinc Christmas pots. Bring Christmas into your home with this fun set. Also very nice to give as a gift! And the best thing is that the plants can be kept both indoors and outdoors for a long period! This way you will not only enjoy these plants before or during Christmas, but also months after!

The mix consists of:

- Christmas tree (Picea Conica) height approximately 75-80 cm

- Pinus Pinea Silvercrest (Pine tree) height approximately 60-70 cm

- Mountain-tea berry shrub (Gaultheria) height about 15-20 cm

Picea Conica Christmas tree

Picea Conica is a charming compact dwarf conifer and is very suitable as a replacement for a Christmas tree. He adds ultimate charm to every room. The Picea Conica has a cool cone shape and is nicely full branched with fresh green needles which gives it a real Christmas tree look. The plant is evergreen and hardy and is therefore very suitable for the garden, also in a pot. In the garden he can reach a height of 3 meters.


Pinus Pinea Silver crest (pine tree)

A beautifully compact and characteristic pine tree. The Pinus Pinea 'Silver crest' has hard needles with a silvery green appearance. It is extremely resistant to wind and can withstand frost. This makes the plant ideal for outdoor use or at the front door.
It is a very beautiful pine tree decorated with artificial snow for a real Christmas look.


Gaultheria 'Big Berry' (teaberry)

Wintergreen, beautifully discolored leaves and appealing red berries. The first thing you notice about the Gaultheria are the striking berries. They are red, pink or white and remain in the spring. The leaf is also beautiful. The ovals are fresh green for most of the year and turn to deep red and purple in autumn. In its native countries, its leaves are often used to brew a tea. When you rub the leaves between your fingers, they release a delightful wintergreen fragrance. These green leaves are also the source of an essential oil that has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. It smells somewhat like mint and is included in massage oils used for back pain and arthritis.

All 3 plants are delivered in a matching Christmas zinc pot.

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