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Lucky Bamboo 6-pack

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Lucky Bamboo 6-pack

Lucky Bamboo isn’t really bamboo, it is a branch of the Drancaena Sanderiana and has a long history in China and the Far East. It has a strong connection with Feng Shui and a rich meaning in the Asian view on plants and their surroundings. In Asia, people buy Lucky Bamboo for the New Year, to celebrate an opening or just for positivity and good luck. Lucky bamboo is most commonly sold in water but in its natural environment it grows in soil. Lucky Bamboo is very durable and sustainable product. All it needs is water and it can last a long time in dark and moist areas such as bathrooms. Change the water as often as needed or at least every other month; that’s basically all the care Lucky Bamboo needs. Lucky Bamboo is often billed as a low light houseplant. It does best in low to medium or medium light conditions. Keep it out of hot, direct sun to avoind burned foliage. Choice from a 6-pack or 12-pack with Lucky Bamboo stems. Delivered as a spiral stem with a length of 40 cm. Can grow a maximum height of 50 cm.
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