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Musa Basjoo - Bananenplant (Pakket met 2 planten)

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Musa Basjoo - Bananenplant (Pakket met 2 planten) Musa Basjoo - Bananenplant (Pakket met 2 planten) Musa Basjoo - Bananenplant (Pakket met 2 planten)

Musa Basjoo - Bananenplant (Pakket met 2 planten)

Set with 2 fast growing winterhardy bananatrees.
Latin name: Musa Basjoo.
Size on delivery: 25-40cm
These banana plants grow super fast: 150-200cm per year!
Can be planted in the garden or in pots.
After 3 years these trees will give fruit and get beautifull flowers.
The banana tree has a thick rhizome, which often moves underground. A banana in the open ground in the Low Countries it hurts to subtropical. The leaves are unfortunately prone to strong winds. They then rupture and that's the beauty not good. The Musa Basjoo Musa which is the only one, albeit with protection, winter is to get through. The Musa Basjoo from Japan (original China). The banana is grown in Japan for the fibers. The name Basjoo is due to the word "bashofu". The bashofu is a substance which has been used to bind books, for example.
Musa basjoo must be well protected because the aerial parts freeze always away when the plant only mulches. Journal, but a single degree frost. Since the plant is largely composed of water freeze the cells directly and the leaf is already at - 2 ° C (10 minutes frost is enough) The "tribe" has very quickly suffer from frost. However, the rhizomes run each spring again. Pack it with thick layer of straw to the plant gives a growth advantage in the spring. And do not forget to provide protection by means of rhizomes mulch. Always have a thick layer of mulch on all rootstocks. It is important to cultivate the banana plants in this package, the first few years in a large bowl. So you can prevent freezing the plants and they can be big and strong enough to plant in the ground.
Latin name: Musa Basjoo
Habitat: Light - Penumbra
Pot size: 9cm
Height: 25 / 40cm
Hardy: yes
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