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Philodendron Atom

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Philodendron Atom Philodendron Atom

Philodendron Atom


This is a pretty, leafy plant with a compact growing habit. Decorative too, it emanates tranquillity, such a great feeling for a healthy environment. It's a lovely leaf that will grow bigger, the better the conditions. The lobed leaves make this plant really decorative.
The Philodendron Atom likes a nice light spot out of direct sunlight – even shadier positions will be tolerated.
The largely lobed leaves make this plant exceptionally decorative so the ‘Atom’ is a real asset to any home.
It is also possible to change it to a mangrove Philodendron; hydroculture is also suitable for this houseplant. Just remove the plant from its pot and gently remove the soil between the roots.
The Philodendron Atom is a very exclusive and trendy plant that will be noticed in every interior.

The best spot for your plant is:
Somewhere nice and light but somewhat out of the brightest sunlight. Morning and evening sun won't be a problem - but the best spot is usually about 3 metres away from a window. This plant will tolerate a lot of shade and even up to 6 metres from the window will be ok.Somewhere nice and warm - 18-23 °C. Next to or above a radiator is not advised; warm air will dry the plant out, leading to brown edges on the leaves. Spraying the leaves regularly will help the leaves to stay brown and healthy.

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