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Air-Purifying Fern Mix (Set of 4)

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Air-Purifying Fern Mix (Set of 4) Air-Purifying Fern Mix (Set of 4)

Air-Purifying Fern Mix (Set of 4)


This air purifying Fern mix is ​​the houseplants trend for indoor.
The lush ferns radiate health and tranquility and are beautiful in every interior.
The mix consists of 4 different varieties of fern.

The Nephrolepis Emina is a special curling and has a fabulous leaf structure. Originally, the ferns come from New Zealand and tropical Asia.
The Blue star has its name due to its star formation leaves that have a deep blue-green color. The plant is from South America and Florida, where it grows in the tree tops and marshes of tropical areas.
The Asplenium crispy wave has hard, wavy leaves and is lighter in color than most ferns. These ferns originate from the forests in Japan and Taiwan where he grows on tree branches and rocks.
Last but not least the Nephrolepis Duffi, these have small leaves that are close to each other and originate from the (sub) tropical regions of Southeast Asia and South America.

​Ferns are air purifying plants that also serve as natural air freshener at the same time! The ferns neutralize harmful substances by breaking them of into the roots. The ferns convert CO2 into oxygen and improve the humidity due to its regulatory evaporation process. All of this reduces complaints such as headache and dry skin.

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