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Callistemon on stem (100cm)

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Callistemon on stem (100cm) Callistemon on stem (100cm)

Callistemon on stem (100cm)

Callistemon Laevis (Bottlebrush plant) is an evergreen Mediterranean plant with strong compact leaves that are bronze-red when starting and then turn gray-green. The Callistemon Bottlebrush blooms from April until well into the fall and has very characteristic red brush flowers. Thanks to its beautiful flowers, the Callistemon is a real jewel for the garden. The tree likes to be in the sun and can stand well in the wind. The Callistemon does not like severe frost and can remain outside for a maximum of -4ºC. It is best to put the bush inside during the winter. The Callistemon is therefore best kept as a tub plant so that it can be wintered in the winter without frost. For plantcare it is advisable to prune immediately after flowering to the next bud on each branch. In this way, growth of the branches is stimulated and the plant will flower fully again the following year. Mature height and spread: 150cm x 200cm The Callistemon Bottlebrush is delivered with a height of 90-110cm (incl pot) op thick stem.
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