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Fargesia Black Dragon (set of 2)

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Fargesia Black Dragon (set of 2)

The Fargesia ‘Black Dragon’ is a non-invasive, evergreen bamboo. This stylish bamboo is a striking appearance with its very dark culms and fine leaves. The relatively pen form of growing results in a beautiful transparency, which accentuates the contrasting colours. The straight up-going twigs gradually change from a whitish purple to shiny black. Final height is moderate and it endures both sun and shade but best place would be in semi-shade. In the event of drought, frost and wind, the leaves curl while the stem remains attractive all year round. The stems are dark green in color and from about 3 years these will turn black. Hardiness; -15 degrees Celsius Origin: China Very suitable for planting as a hedge plant but also in groups and solitary. Final height: can grow up to 250-350 cm. Plants are supplied with a height of 50-70 cm
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