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Japanse Esdoorn Pakket (set of 3)

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Japanse Esdoorn Pakket (set of 3) Japanse Esdoorn Pakket (set of 3) Japanse Esdoorn Pakket (set of 3) Japanse Esdoorn Pakket (set of 3) Japanse Esdoorn Pakket (set of 3)

Japanse Esdoorn Pakket (set of 3)

Japanese maples are known for their beautiful colored leaves. Every tree has it's own colors and shapes. The 3 trees in this set are very different from each which will give your garden lots of variety! Can also planted in pots. Winterhardy to -15 degrees Celsius. Perfect for every garden or balcony. Height on delivery: 60-70cm (MEASURED WITH POT) In the mix: Acer palmatum Atropurpureum Acer palmatum Orange Dream Acer palmatum Beni Maiko Acer Atropurpureum (red) Acer 'Atropurpureum' is a beautiful Japanese maple. This plant forms a branched upward shrub with dark red cut leaves that gives a beautiful autumn colouring in autumn. The leaf colour of this species always causes surprises. Early in the season he is red / pink but later in the season he is green. This species is about 150 cm tall and 100 cm wide. Atropurpureum tolerates both sun and shade. Acer Orange Dream (yellow/orange) Acer 'Orange Dream' is a high Japanese maple with yellow / orange leaf. This Japanese maple is remarkable because it grows more upward than most other Japanese maples. He can reach an altitude of 8 meters but you can easily prune it. If the plant is given sufficient light, it stays well in the leaf. The leaf leaves in spring with an orange-yellow color, in the summer the leaf is yellowish green, followed by a beautiful yellow autumn color. Acer Beni Maiko (green, pink) Densely branched Japanese maple with golden yellow autumn colour. The leaf colour is bright green/yellow with a pink highlight at the beginning of the season and turns to a dark green halfway through the summer. Can grow up to a tree of 3 meters high and 2 meters wide.
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