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Lace-Leaf Japanese Maple Trees (60-80cm)

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Lace-Leaf Japanese Maple Trees (60-80cm) Lace-Leaf Japanese Maple Trees (60-80cm)

Lace-Leaf Japanese Maple Trees (60-80cm)


Beautiful large Japanese Maple trees.
These Lace-leaf Maple varieties are known for their beautiful colored, fine leaves.

Their weeping branches give a amazing oriental touch to every garden.

Both varieties in the mix are known for their drooping/weeping branches.
Winterhardy up to -20C

In the mix;
Acer palm. Emerald Lace
Acer palm. Garnet

Acer Garnet:
Acer 'Garnet' is a medium-sized deciduous tree. Several Acers have excellent red / purple foliage, but few finer than this one. The leaves open bright red and then deepen to a rich dark red colour. It is ideal for an oriental style garden.  Can grow up to a height of 150cm and a wide of 150cm. Choose a place to plant this tree where is really can be admired.

Acer 'Emerald Lace':
Acer 'Emerald Lace' is a fast growing Japanese Maple and a wonderful garden specimen. Pruning helps to shape it in a beautiful bonsai tree. Spring growth is lime green sometimes with orange margins when placed in more sun. Very heat tolerant, 'Emerald Lace' even tolerates full sun better than most green Dissectums but preferring some shade in hot climates. Fall colour is red which is quite rare for green Dissectums which usually display yellow to orange fall colour.
Can grow up to a height of 170cm and a wide of 150cm

Height on delivery: 60-70cm
On stem in 3 liter pot.

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