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2-pack Ceanothus shrubs

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2-pack Ceanothus shrubs 2-pack Ceanothus shrubs 2-pack Ceanothus shrubs

2-pack Ceanothus shrubs

Ceanothus Blue Mound originates in California and Mexico and these days it is getting more and more popular in our climate though it is supposed to be a tender plant. However, there are varieties which, with a certain degree of winter protection, can cope well and offer its lovely shade of blue flowers. Blue Mound is a low growing variety of Ceanothus with absolutely amazing flowers that are not violet, not pale purple, just unbeatable sky blue. They are formed in rounded, 3-4 cm long, terminal cymes and come out in early June and usually last for about a month. That is another reason to own this gorgeousness. There are so many of them every year that they totally cover the plant. Evergreen leaves are small, ovate, dark green, very glossy and deeply veined. It grows medium fast or fast, producing strong branches forming a mounding shrub. If you wish to keep it compact and smaller, prune it every year after it has flowered (early July). It is hardy to about -21°C Each set contains 2 Ceanothus shrubs Delivered with a height of 25-35cm (measured with pot) Delivered in a 1.5 litre pot.
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