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Duo-pack Photinia Red Robin

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Duo-pack Photinia Red Robin Duo-pack Photinia Red Robin

Duo-pack Photinia Red Robin

The best known of its species, Photinia 'Red Robin' is well loved for its blaze of bright scarlet young foliage in spring. The glossy new leaves and crimson stems make a strong contrast with the mature green foliage lower down the plant, giving an eye catching two-tone effect. The Spring foliage is complemented by rounded clusters of creamy white flowers. This popular evergreen shrub is versatile too - plant it in woodland areas and shrubberies for a splash of spring colour, or grow it as a low maintenance solitary plant. This colourful Photinia tolerates hard pruning, making a useful evergreen hedge. Fullgrown height and spread: up to 4m x 2 m. Height on delivery; 30-40cm (measured including pot) Deliverd in a 2 litre pot. The Photinia Red Robin is non toxic to pets or humans, but it can be toxic to horses when eaten in larger amounts.
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Latijnse naam:  Photinia Red Robin
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