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3-pack Tomato Heartbreaker

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3-pack Tomato Heartbreaker

The Heartbreaker tomato plant produces delicious cocktail tomatoes with a bright red colour and heart-shaped tip. Imaging a tomato plant full of little red hearts. The skin of this tomato is soft and the juicy fruit balances sweet and sour perfectly making them a delicious choice for soups and salads or on their own as a healthy snack. You can grow the Heartbreaker tomato indoors or out but as long as it’s in full sun for most of the day to produce lots of good tasting fruit. You don't have to have a large vegetable garden to grow your own. Even the smallest patio or balcony can accommodate a few containers that will give you a bumper crop of delicious fresh produce! The plant can grow to approximately 60cm tall and spread up to 40cm wide making it a great choice for pots and for growing indoors. Each set contains 3 potgrown Tomato Heartbreaker plants in a 10,5cm pot. Totalheight is 15-25cm.
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Potmaat:  10,5cm
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