Set of 2 Italian Cypress Trees

This Italian Cypress is one of the best cypress species because of its dense needle in combination with its hardiness of -18 C degrees. This well frost-resistant cypress originates from Italian and is known for its slender growth with dense needle structure. The branches remain close to the trunk, making this Italian Cypress grows compact in height.
The tree can stand in full sun or in partial shade. He does ask for water regularly.
In spring and autumn watering once a week is sufficient.
In warm and sunny weather, the cypress will need water 3 times a week.
During winter it is best not to water the Cypress tree.

Latin plant name: Cupressuss sempervirens ‘Totem’
Can grow 20-30 cm per year up to 3 – 3,5 meters of height
Ideal for framing a door or gateway
Can be grown in a pot
Fully hardy

Delivered with a totalheight of 45-50cm in 10,5cm pot.
(Height is measured with pot)