Set of 2 Olivetrees (55-65cm)

Winterhardy Olive Trees on stem.
The Olive tree (Latin name: Olea Europaea) is a beautiful evergreen tree that’s adds a perfect Mediterranean touch to the garden or balcony.
They are suited to garden or container cultivation and produce real olives!
Olives trees are very winter hardy, they can resist temperatures till minus 15 degrees Celsius.
The best place for a olivetree is in a sunny spot with lots of sunlight. T
he Olive grows as an evergreen shrub or tree with thick, leathery leaves that grow in opposite pairs along the stem.
It also produces small white flowers in spring.

Height on delivery; 55-65cm (measured incl. pot)

Can grow up to 200-220 cm of height
The olivetree is non-toxic.