Set of 2 Pachira Money plants

The Pachira is also called the money tree. The Pachira got this name because in the Far East it is believed that the leaves could catch money. Some sort of a good luck token. That makes this plant an ideal gift for a birthday or wedding. The Pachira is ideal for people who forget to take care the plants, because he does not demand so many requirements. And thanks to its braided trunk the Pachira is an exotic looking houseplant as wel!

Supplied with a braided stem.
– Variety: Pachira Aquatica
– Does not blossom or flower
– Estimated height when fully grown 200-250 cm
– Thrives in both full sun and partial shade
– Does best in full, bright light with approx 2-3 hours of sun
– The plant is safe for cats and other pets
– Trees are supplied with a total height of 60-70cm in a 17cm pot