Set of 3 Maori Green Corokia's

Native to New Zealand
Botanical name: Corokia Cotoneaster
The name ‘Corokia Cotoneaster’ is derived from the indigenous Maori name for Corokia: korokio.
Fabulous little evergreen shrub
Unique zig-zag form with grey stems and tiny leaves that are dark green on the upper surface and pale grey beneath.
Very suitable as a room plant, patio plant or bonsai plant.
Slow growing shrub
Can grow up to 3 meters of height and a width of 2 meters when fully grown
Besides it beautiful stem and leaves it gets small, bright yellow, star-shaped flowers followed by red, yellow or orange berries.
Besides a trendy house plant this shrub also survives frost up to -15C which makes it a formidable garden plant as well!
Tolerant of very dry conditions and takes full or filtered sun
Prefers a warm sunny location with well-drained soil.
This plant can withstand a temperature of minus 15 degrees Celsius
Delivered with a height of 25-35 cm