Set of 3 Passiflora Edulis

Passiflora edulis or passionfruit gets very tasty edible fruits. The color of the fruit is purple and it tastes fresh and sweet. These fruits can grow up to 5cm long.  The Passiflora edulis is self-pollinating, climbing plant.  The flower of the Passiflora edulis is pink / purple in color which overflows to white.  Besides that the fruits are edible it is a very rewarding bloomer.
As a climber it can grow to over 8 meters long.
Give the Passiflora edulis fertilization in time from the spring and during the summer.
By pruning the passion plant is fine to keep in line. If the plant grows too large, cut off the excess leaves and let stand at least 30 cm or more, in the spring the plant runs out again.

Delivered in a 9cm pot with a totalheight of 20-30cm.