Set of 3 Schlumbergera Christmas Cactii

Christmas Cactus When in full bloom, the Christmas Cactus is one of the most eye-catching flowering house plants you can get.
Flowering from November to late January, it gives a wonderful Christmas display.
Very easy to care for making it an ideal and popular winter-flowering plant and an exceptional candidate for holiday gift giving.
Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera) are one of the few plants that flowers naturally in winter around December – hence the name Christmas Cactus.
Cute and inventive mix of colours that deserves a prominent position in your home.
Growing three differently coloured varieties together as one, creating a completely unique look.
They are most happy in a cool room where the temperature remains fairly steady and they will flower for up to 12 weeks in a well lit, bright position.
With normal care these Christmas cactus plants will produce blooms year after year.

Supplied with a height of: 20-30 cm (incl. pot)
Can grow up to 60-70 cm in height