Set of 3 Tillandsia Airplants in Bottles

Tillandsia is a family of the Bromeliad and has more than 400 species. The plant originates from the forests, deserts and mountains of South and Central America. Almost all Tillandsia are Epiphytic, which means that they have no or hardly any roots. They grow on trees or rocks. Water and nutrients are absorbed from the air through the scales on the leaves. Tillandsia’s are therefore also called aerial plants. The name comes from the Swedish botanist Elia Tillands, he hated water just like the Tillandsia. The possibilities with these air plants are endless. You can simply hang the plants on a string or decorate them in a beautiful vase or glass jar. You can also glue them on a piece of tree bark or simply on the wall! It is one of the most instagramed plants at the moment!