Set of 3 White Pampas grasses

Hardy Pampas Grass. Latin name: Cortaderia selloana. Origin: South America. Hardy to -10 degrees. Pampas grass is hardy and fast grower. Fits perfectly in large borders, but also solitary in a large container. This plant is also good as wintergreen. Only in very severe winters can freeze the plant above ground, but then almost always runs out again in spring. The plants can grow significantly and the long narrow and especially graceful “leaves” fanning far. The grass can grow up to 3 meters high Pampas grass is sometimes called ‘Spanish plume’, most people know the plant with white plumes, but there is a variety with pale pink plumes exists. Care is simple. They grow fast and well and can be very large if they are in the ground. Once a season good pruning, that is completely cut short or to the ‘green’. Grows on itself all over again
Height at delivery: 25-40 cm