Set of 3 XL Red Bamboo plants (60cm)

Very exclusive red bamboo.
Botanicle name; Fargesia Asian Wonder
These plants are very strong and winterhardy till -20 degrees. New stems appear each year in sunny spring with red coloring
Stems can become, depending on the size, up to 2 cm thick. Beautiful lush green leaves Fast growing bamboo.
Planted as solitary and as a container plant. Red stems during the summertime with partially gold-yellow influences.
The more sunlight touches the stems the more red they turn.  Also known as bamboo hedge, a dense, evergreen screen which can also be cut into shape.
Can grow up to 350-450 cm of height
Plant in a spot with half-shade or full sunlight
Fargesia likes lots of water
Fargesia is non-toxic

Height on delivery 40-60cm (measured incl. pot)