Set of 4 Trendy Indoor Plants

Trendy Houseplants Mixset Mix with 4 trendy houseplants.
Easy care plants. Create a real urbun jungle feeling ideal for every room or office.
Plants are delivered with a height between 25-50cm (<- measured including pot)
Please note: decorative pots shown in photo are not supplied

In the mix:
– Musa oriental Dwarf
Take the tropics home with your own banana tree! This indoor banana plant, also known as the Musa Oriental Dwarf.

– Chamaedorea Elegance
The Chamaedorea elegans, also known as the Mexican dwarf palm, originate from the rainforest in southern Mexico and Guatemala.

– Areca Lutescens
The Areca palm has many names, such as Arekapalm, Dypsis, Golden Palm, but most commonly known as the Golden Palm. The Areca originates from the humid tropics of Madagascar.

– Coffea Arabica
The Coffea Arabica, also known as the coffee plant or coffee tree, originates from Ethiopia.